About Pelagan

We are constantly looking for business partners out there who we can both benefit from each other. I’m sure there are many companies out there who are wasting time and money for issues they shouldn’t be involved in, and yet getting so little done. That goes the saying "doubling the effort but only getting half done". And for us, as we are serving for more companies doing almost the same things, we are spreading the cost over more sales revenue thus making a better profit. Or should we say, paying half of the effort and harvesting twice as much.


It is definitely exciting to see the world has become aware of the environment especially over the past few years. Businesses are all talking about going green. Food has to be organic to be considered healthy. However, these all have come too fast and sudden. What can really sustain at the end?

We are a business that believes in conscious capitalism and want to promote this idea around us. Since we are a company based in Asia, we would predominantly study businesses in this part of the world and see what they can do better to be more conscious/responsible about their businesses.

"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so."

- Mark Twain


Write to us to request for a specific service from Pelagan, or just comment on us. We'd love to hear from everyone.

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